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Co. K, 4th U.S. Fort Tejon, August, 2002

Company K, 4th U.S. Fort Tejon Historical Association

Founded in November of 1975, Company K, Fourth
United States Infantry, is a Civil War History group
based in Southern California. Our impression is that
of a regiment of federal regulars at the start of the
American Civil War.
Our goal is to portray the life of Union regulars at the
start of the War of Rebellion in as accurate a manner
as possible. Through battle and living history
demonstrations we hope to provide the public with a
better understanding of the war and the soldiers who
fought it.
As history and Civil War enthusiasts, members work
to increase their own knowledge of the common soldier
and the varied aspects of miltary life in the 1860's.
If you have an interest in, or would like to learn more
about this turning point in American history, visit our
recruitment page to find out how you can 'put on the
blue' and participate, as a Union Regular, in the battle and living history demonstrations at Fort Tejon State Historic Park and
throughout Southern California.

This site is dedicated to Wayne Robert Walker, 1954 - 2007, friend, teacher, and fellow Civil War enthusiast.


  The Minstrel Boy to the war has gone

  in the ranks of death you'll find him;

  His Father's sword he hath girded on.

  and his wild harp slung behind him;

  "Land of Song!" said the warrior bard,

  "Tho' all the world betrays thee,

  One sword, at least, the rights shall guard,

  One faithful harp shall praise thee!"

  The Minstrel Boy
  Lyrics by Thomas Moore 1779 - 1852