Company K, 4th U.S. Infantry is a member unit of the Fort Tejon Historical Association. Located near Lebec,
California, Fort Tejon was a U.S. Military post garrisoned by companies of the First Regiment of Dragoons
from 1854 to 1861, and in 1863 and 1864 by companies of California Volunteers. While no Civil War battles
took place in California, Fort Tejon offers a unique opportunity to participate in Civil War battle and living
history demonstrations on the grounds of a Civil War era fort.


If interested in becoming a member of Company K, 4th U.S. please visit the Contact page. While there is
extra (loaner) equipment available for the use of recruits, uniform items are limited in both number and size.
When requesting information about joining, if you will need loaner gear please mention it when you contact
us so that every effort can be made to supply the necessary items.

Note: Loaner equipment is for use at Fort Tejon only, and must be returned to the unit at the end of the event.


Minimum uniform and authenticity standards are those outlined in the FTHA by-laws, however members are
urged to read the Equipment Guidelines prior to the purchase of equipment. Recruits are expected to purchase
their own uniforms and equipment, within a period of 18 months.  Preferably, uniforms should meet the primary
impression (frock coat and dark blue trousers).  However, because we realize that interest levels and budgets
vary, and because a more generic impression (sack coat and sky blue trousers) is often more appropriate,
members can purchase, and continue to use, items that meet the secondary impression, until such time as they
choose to acquire items for the primary. In a like manner, members who join the Regiment from other Civil War
reenactment groups can continue to wear their current uniform items unless those items are specifically
not allowed (such as a state shell jacket). In such cases, new members should make use of available loaner
gear until required uniform items can be purchased.

Members who wish to spend Saturday night at the Fort should also plan on buying at least minimal camp
equipment - such as an appropriate blanket - plus items for preparing food.

It is required that all non-period items be out of public view during the hours that Ft Tejon State Historic Park is open.

Company K is a family oriented unit. We strongly prefer that non-military family members be in period clothing
during public hours. Non-military impressions should also be ones that can account for their presence in a military
camp. Note: The Fort Tejon Historic Association has several non-military living history groups (Lady's Sanitary
Commission and Winston Township) present at most events. Family members with non-military impressions are
urged to look into joining and participating during public hours with one of these groups.

Female Soldiers

While there is ample evidence to support women, enlisting (in small numbers) as soldiers during the Civil War we
have not found any that would support women enlisting in the regular army, only volunteer units. Thus, for the sake
of historical accuracy we do not, at this time, allow women to join Company K in the role of soldier. Female family
members, wishing to participate should either join and participate with one of the Fort Tejon civilian groups, or
should develop an impression, such as laundress, that could account for their presence in a military camp.


Company K has no seperate membership fees or dues. Members of Co. K are however expected to join the Fort
Tejon Historical Association. Please visit the FTHA for current information on membership fees.